The Caterers Tucson Locals are Raving About

Excellent catering isn’t just about exquisite food, though that’s important, too. The best caterer knows they play a part in the success of the entire event, and that means great planning, exceptional customer service, and delicious food all come together to make the day special for everyone involved.

What Makes a Great Caterer?

  • The food speaks for itself and have experience that brings the quality of an event to the next level.
  • They communicate well, with a focus on listening to your needs.
  • They are creative and flexible. They can handle food allergies or unique themes.
  • They know the magic happens in the details and they know the needs of their community.

Why Experience Matters

A seamless event doesn’t happen by accident. Guests arrive, enjoy themselves, and go home believing everything was smooth, well-planned, and more fun than they’d had in a while. Behind the scenes, little things came up, but professionals handled it. They planned for all possibilities, because they have seen it all, and could quickly adapt to all hiccups before any guests noticed anything happening.With years of experience serving Tucson’s catering needs, you learn what can happen and how to adapt. An experienced caterer handles anything that comes up without blinking an eye, because they’ve seen it before.

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Making Tucson’s Events Special

As a full service Tucson catering company, we understand that every event we take part in is special and important. We are honored to take part in our customer’s weddings, important business events, and touching family reunions.We prepare exceptional cuisine, and it brings people together.

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Some Examples of Event Styles

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Sporting Events
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Menus That Stand Out

While great catering is not just about the food, it is also about the food, and we strive to meet the needs of every palette and diet. We have prepared menus, or can create something entirely unique for your event. We also have vegan menus and are experienced in catering to gluten-free menus. Our menus cover:

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The Local Go To

When one company handles your entire event, you can trust that things will come together smoothly. Planning an event with one company is the easiest way to be sure you’ve communicated your needs. We can create a seamless event, from the bar service to the equipment to the buffet to the linens.

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We May be More Affordable Than You Think

You can call us anytime at 520-729-4440 for a free quote for your event. We know that lavish events and affordable pricing can be a marriage made in heaven, and we strive to bring that to Tucson’s catering needs.

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Serving Arizona Since 2012

We are not only Tucson’s catering choice, we also serve the surrounding areas as well as Phoenix and northern Arizona. This is our state, and we’re proud of our work to bring its events to the next level in quality and style.

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Lux Catering Co.

We pride ourselves on providing full service catering for Tucson weddings and events. From linens to bar service to equipment and even DJ's, we'll make your event easier to plan and memorable to your guests.